We are delighted to announce the long awaited launch of Centrora Security Suite Version 7 with great improvements and brand new features.


Improvements and New Feature

There have been some massive improvements in new version 7.0.0. The software now will be utilising high speed dedicated servers for the virus scanning and Backup. The classic backup will be discontinued from this version and is completely replaced by a more efficient and faster method - Git Backup. This tool performs about 2 times faster than the previous version and also provides an added benefit of 10 GB of cloud space to store your backups. The efficiency of scanners like MD5 Hash scanner, Core Directory scanner , Vulnerability scanner and Dynamic Virus scanner have been improved as well and they come with a revamped Used interface(UI).  Additional details about the changes in the version are as follows: 

1. Firewall Scanner Version 7 

A new and advance firewall is released in this version. The goal of this firewall is to provide the faster scanning for requests and at the same time reducing down the database usage. The firewall version 7 includes features such as: 

  • better firewall performance;
  • firewall logs statistics (shown in the form of graphs);
  • Improved email alerts about attacks as well as daily/weekly firewall status report;
  • easy to use start-up wizard
  • automatic background update of the firewall signature/rules [for premium users only].

2. Improved GitBackup

       Centrora Plugin (Joomla and wordpress users) and Suite Version : 

  • The gitBackup Function now uses mysql command line services to utilise the high speed database backup and rollback. The stability and speed of the backup and the rollback have been increased enormously (as compared to the previous version). It also supports large databases backups.

  • Incorporated GitLab to allow users to enjoy more Cloud Backup space (from 2GB provided by BitBucket in the old version to 10 GB provided by GitLab)
  • Improved the fault tolerance and memory management so that the git backup process does not consume too much of system memory.
  • Improved scheduled backup which can perform local backups as well as cloud backups. 

  • The scheduled backups are made more customisable.

       Particular for Centrora Suite Version on WHM Server: 

  • The administrator can view and manage backups for each account individually now .

  • One click solution for the server manager who manages a large number of accounts.
  • Improved scheduled gitbackup for suite users which can perform local backup as well as cloud backup 
on WHM server.

3. Improved Firewall patterns and Virus Signature Update

    APIs to update patterns and signature have been improved to make it more efficient and more fault-tolerant, so that users can always have an updated version of firewall patterns and virus signatures.  

4. MD5 Hash Scanner , Core Directory Scanner , Vulnerability Scanner  and File Permission Scanner 

    The scanners have been improved to be more efficient. Bugs and UI issues reported by clients have been fixed and included in this version. In addition, the UI has been re-built to have the better presentation of results.

5. Dynamic Virus Scanner

    Bug fixes for both the manual virus scanning and scheduled virus scanning are included.  

6. Firewall Scanner Version 6 

    The old Firewall Version 6 is still retained to offer a smooth transition for existing users. Bugs have been fixed.

7. Removal of classic Backup 

    The classic backup method will be discontinued from this versions and will be replaced by GitBackup.


Upgrade Guidance

For Centrora Security Suite Users

The upgrade process is quite simple if you already have Centrora Security Suite installed on the server. There are several ways to upgrade it.

  1. Login your Centrora Security Suite installation. On the Dashboard, it will automatically detect the new version from our update server. If it successfully detects a new version, an Upgrade button will show up and you can click on it to do the upgrade.
  2. Sometimes, method 1 might not return a success result due to some communication issues between servers or server settings. In this way, we can try a semi-manual way to upgrade. Login Centrora first and go to the menu Management --> Extension Manager. In Install URL, enter the below URL and Install.
  3. If both 1 and 2 fail, you might have to use the manual way to upgrade it. Please download the Upgrade Package first. Extract it and upload all contents to the server directory:
    Then come back to Centrora Panel, menu Management --> Extension Manager, and in Install Directory filed, enter the above upload path “/Centrora_Suite_Installation_Path/tmp/v7/” to install.

For Centrora Security Joomla! Version Users

Please go to Joomla! Extensions --> Install --> Install from URL, and use the link


to do the installation.

For Centrora Security WordPress Version Users

Please directly update it in the WordPress Plugins section.

Please also refer to the documentation for details of using the system



If you come across any difficulties, please feel free to contact us at our Support Desk.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the new version. Should you have any further comments or suggestions, please contact us as well. We truly appreciate your great support.

Centrora Security Team

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