Urgent hacking and malware help is right here

Automatic Virus Scanning

Automatically scans the website and sends summary reports to you every day

Automatic Firewall Updates

Firewall signatures are updated automatically every day to ensure that you get the latest protection

Smart Backup

Automatically backs up your data daily, and is smart enough to back up only the difference to save the disk space.

Better Performance

The V7 firewall scanning engine uses much less database connections and memory resources, making the website run faster with full protections.

Automate Web Security Solutions

Centrora security is dedicated to provide professional automate malware scanning and protection solution that backs you up and saves your time so you can focus on your core business.

Everything About Security

Website quarantine, virus investigation and removal, and Website application firewall rules configuration are all what we are familiar with and what we daily deal with since we started the open source web application firewall and virus scanner project.

Centrora Security also integrates well known security vendors and software into one central web security applications.

Ready to our V7 Firewall Engine?

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